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Know What to Do







“We researched the generic training available from other institutions and did not feel their programs were adequate to protect our most valuable asset… our employees.  We wanted the best and we found that Active Threat Solutions exceeded our expectations.  The active shooter training that we received from ATS will help us save lives.”
- Darren Williams, Executive Vice President / Chief Risk Officer United Bankshares



“Due to some changes in the climate here, we knew that we needed to take some action to at least have an assessment done, and have something in place for our employees to know what to do in the case of an emergency. I’m well aware that workplace violence has increased dramatically in the last decade. It is just a sound business practice that all of your employees be trained on what to do should a threatening situation arise. I think it boosts morale and it provides a more calm, secure and confident working environment. I wanted to make sure that the training was provided by someone that’s credible. I would not want to do this training with somebody that was not credentialed and an expert in their field. I felt like Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth was just the “no brainer” when it came to whom we would choose to help us with something like this.”
- C’Anna Brown, business manager at West Virginia Radio Corporation


“I have 20 years of experience in education. The team at ATS has far more than that in law enforcement and security. I could send a teacher or administrator, who is qualified to teach, for security training. But they aren't going to be as qualified to communicate it to our staff or answer the questions as well as Active Threat Solutions was able to do. Truly we are dealing with experts in the field of security and safety,"
- Arthur Moore, Principal at Saint Francis Central Catholic School


“This course contains information a person with no training can implement if placed in an active threat situation. If you're at a restaurant, shopping, are a school teacher or an employee, Nick demonstrates things we should all be aware of and how to use our surroundings to our benefit.”
- Jason Nipper, Sign Shop Owner


“This training made me think about what I would do should I find myself in a bad situation. I’ve listened to a lot of trainings from the tacti-cool guys in camo trying to be impressive, but this was different. I would recommend this presentation to anyone. It covered all aspects, in an easy to digest, personable, and professional manner.”
- Michael Howell, Allegheny Design Services, PE, SE, MBA, Senior Structural Engineer, Director Sports & Recreation


Active Threat Solutions was and still is, a great asset for our company! We at IGS Industries, used the training to provide insight on potential threats and vulnerability inside and outside of our walls!
-Kelsey Beal, Human Resource Assistant at IGS Industries