Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth Announces Team Never Before Assembled in the USA

Jan 23, 2019 10:00:27 AM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth

Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth (ATS) recently handpicked seven trainers, across the United States, to add to their team who specialize in active threat situations. 

“Never before has an elite team of trainers like this been assembled in America,” said Nick DeMedici, Executive Director, Former Active Shooter Instructor, West Virginia State Police. “This team has been handpicked because of their experience and ability to effectively present to people from all walks of life.”


The new trainers consist of:

  • Instructor, Kelly Rigsby, former Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigator
  • Instructor, Ben Roberts, former protection agency for company leaders and high-profile families
  • Instructor, Nathan Emeigh, former member of a special response team and former security specialist for the Department of Defense
  • Instructor, Rick Tessari, former US Marshall and retired Supervisory Deputy United States Marshall
  • Instructor, Dennis Dougherty, former SWAT officer and TAC Team Leader
  • Instructor, Robert Marsili, special agent, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
  • Executive Director, Nick DeMedici, former Active Shooter Instructor, former West Virginia state trooper, Detective Sergeants, Monongalia County Sheriff Office
  • Instructor, Jared Edgreen, former secret service agent
  • Instructor, Mike Sedam, captain with California Highway Patrol


DIDATS_Kelly Rigsby_sq

Kelly Rigsby

DIDATS_Ben Roberts_sq

Ben Roberts

DIDATS_Nathan Emeigh_sq

Nathan Emeigh

DIDATS_Frederick Tessari_sq

Frederick Tessari

DIDATS_Dennis Dougherty_sq

Dennis Dougherty

DIDATS_Robert Marsili_sqRobert Marsili


Nick DeMedici

jared 2_sq

Jared Edgreen

Mike Sedam

Mike Sedam

“Everyone needs to learn how to identify a dangerous active threat situation and react accordingly,” DeMedici said. “Our expert trainers know what do.”   

In 2016, there were 5,190 workplace deaths in the United States. Of those 5,190 deaths, a total of 500 were homicides. ATS was formed because of this growing need for training and preparation in an active threat scenario.

“Active threat emergencies happen, DeMedici said. “You need a proactive plan. Our team of experts can evaluate your unique situation and environment and develop a strategy that will help protect you and the people you care about.”

ATS has trained more than 6,000 employees in seven states and Canada.


Are you and your employees prepared today to make it home tonight? ATS provides training for:

  • Risk management
  • Active threat training
  • Emergency response 
  • Post incident communication 

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