Fight or Flee: Understanding Your Response to Stress

Jul 24, 2019 9:30:00 AM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in active threat training, fight or flight


Will you know what to do if an active shooter steps foot in your office or educational building? Your body will react before you have the time to process the situation sufficiently. There are two survival-induced reactions for all mammals, humans and animals, in response to high-stress and threatening situations - fight or flight. According to the New York Times, there have been 163 shootings in the past 50 years with 25 public mass shootings where four or more victims were killed. Many of the deadliest shootings have occurred within the past few years, as active shooting events are increasing. 

Are you ready to take action? Continue reading to understand your body’s response to stressful situations and how you can stay safe during life-threatening events.

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