Why We Train for Active Threat Survival

Feb 19, 2019 1:15:14 PM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in Threat Analysis, emergency action plan, active threat


On February 15, 2019, a mass shooting occurred at Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb 40-miles outside of Chicago. The attacker, a 15-year employee had just been fired.

When an active threat situation like this occurs, many questions come up, including:

  1. What was the motivation behind this attack?

  2. Were there any warning signs we missed?

  3. Is there anything we could have done to prevent this attack?

  4. Could we have prepared our employees for this type of attack?

"We're assessing if there is anything we could have done or could do in the future," Scott Hall, CEO of Mueller Water Products, parent company of Henry Pratt Co., said, adding that he was certain there were some shortcomings that would need to be addressed.

At Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth, this is why we offer training services for active threat survival. Continue reading to learn more active threats and active threat survival.   

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Five Steps to Develop a Threat Analysis for Your Business

Nov 9, 2018 3:52:38 PM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in Threat Analysis


Threats come in many different shapes and sizes. Threats can happen in any environment, including a business.

What would you do if your life or your employee’s life was at stake?

There are many steps, like developing a threat analysis, that you can take to help you and your employees have an added layer of protection in the event of an active threat.

Threat analysis looks at the security of the facility as a whole and asks the types of questions like how easy would it be for a regular person to access the business.

Read on to learn more on how to develop a threat analysis for your business including:

  1. Form a core planning team.
  2. Identify and assessing threats and hazards.
  3. Develop and analyze a course of action.
  4. Review the course of action.
  5. Exercise the course of action.
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