Common Mistakes that Employees Make During Active Shooter Events

Nov 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in workplace violence, active threat training, active shooter incidents


Mistakes happen, right? It's human not to be perfect. Well, we aren't asking you to be perfect by any means. We want you to be safe from harm when the time comes. With active threats on the rise in the United States, we believe you can't afford to make a mistake when reacting to a life-threatening event if you can do something about it. Which you can. And we can help.  

When push comes to shove, and you need to make a quick decision in an active shooter event, mistakes can not be made. Learn how to reduce errors and keep your employees safe with advice from Active Threat Solutions below. 

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What Does a Risk Assessment Consist of?

Aug 21, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in emergency action plan, workplace violence, risk assessment


Why do you think it is essential to conduct a risk assessment in your workplace?

Every year, millions of American workers report having been victims of workplace violence. In 2017, assaults resulted in 18,400 injuries and 458 fatalities, according to Injury Facts.

Continue reading below to learn the importance and development process of a practical risk assessment.

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The Legality of Active Threat Situations

Apr 3, 2019 8:41:56 AM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in emergency action plan, active threat, crisis management, workplace violence


If an active shooter incident occurred, and your company did not have an emergency action plan (EAP), would your company be held responsible for loss of life, injury, or emotional trauma caused by an event? Do you have emergency evacuation plans and / or sheltering protocols? And, what happens after the event? Will you release a statement to the media? If so, who is the designated point of contact for your company and what should the point of contact say?

Pre and post-incident preparedness are important for your employees safety and because of the legal ramifications attached to active threat situations. If you can’t answer the above questions, your company may need help.

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Stalking Awareness: Signs of a Stalker

Mar 20, 2019 1:58:47 PM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth posted in active threat, workplace violence


January was the fifteenth National Stalking Awareness Month, an annual call to action to recognize and respond to the serious crime of stalking.

Read on to learn more about stalking and the correlation between active shooters that fall into domestic violence and stalkers.  

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"During active shooting incidents, 53% of casualties were wounded and 47% were killed."

- Federal Bureau of Investigation (2014)
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