What to Expect During an Active Shooter Class with our Team

Jun 26, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth

It’s a normal day at the office. The sun is shining and you’re sipping on your first cup of coffee, ready to be productive. Unexpectedly, you hear a loud gunshot firing off in the not-so-far distance. You can feel rattled nerves spiralizing down your body. 

Do you want the knowledge, skills and attitudes it takes to save your own life? How about the lives of others? Here at Active Threat Solutions, we provide personable training to audiences of all ages. Our training is applicable to anyone and everyone involved in a wide variety of industries, such as businesses, schools, churches, healthcare and conferences. 

“This training made me think about what I would do should I find myself in a bad situation. I’ve listened to a lot of trainings from the tacti-cool guys in camo trying to be impressive, but this was different. I would recommend this presentation to anyone,” said Michael Howell, Allegheny Design Services, PE, SE, MBA, Senior Structural Engineer, Director Sports & Recreation. 

Read on to learn what to expect during our Active Shooter Training class. 


The 90-minute class is designed to educate and empower individuals to “know what to do” when faced with a life-threatening situation. Taught by an Active Threat Solutions (ATS) instructor, the class can be provided anywhere to any business.

We care for our audiences and understand the training process can be intimidating. We take pride in presenting the most progressive training to provide thoughtful teachings for our trainees. The experienced team at ATS wants you to gain applicable knowledge without increasing anxiety. 

Important talking points will be discussed and accurately demonstrated by explaining simple solutions to complex problems. We provide customized training for every individual who chooses to participate. 

Below are topics you can expect to be explored in detail during our training. The key points listed provide a brief overview of the information you can expect to learn: 

  • Critical statistics of active threat events
  • Importance of situational awareness

Additional insight on situational awareness:

Situational Awareness: The perception and comprehension of people, places and the environment around us to then project a possible determined outcome.

It is suggested to use all of your senses to protect yourself and others.

Time and distance are your friends during active threats. 

Don’t sit with your back facing the door, as seeing a defensive situation will give you more time to react. 

Always be aware of escape routes. 

  • Different categories of active threats

Additional insight on active threat categories:

Employee: This person could be a current or former employee, disgruntled from employee conflict, suffer from psychological or physical employee conflict, management disagreements or a recent firing. 

Domestic: Person has a domestic connection with an employee of business or location; the domestic partner is normally the target.

Customer: A customer of the business or location who feels they’ve been wronged by the business. 

Stranger: Person chooses to enact violence on others for unknown reasons.  

  • Mindset and preparedness of an active shooter

Additional insight on mindset and preparedness:

Shooters come prepared with extra ammunition, weapons, body armor, gas masks, explosives and smoke grenades. They know escape routes and plan for days or months for the event

The shooter will have a plan, you should too.

If you see signs of a potentially violent act, speak up immediately. Some signs might include disturbing social media posts, verbal exchange earning of an attack, threats to management, sadistic in nature, etc.

  • Difference between cover vs concealment

Additional insight on cover vs concealment:

Cover: Cover provides a hiding place with ballistic protection. Some examples may include steel, block walls or concrete structures.

Concealment: Material to hide behind, which will offer no ballistic protection. Some examples may include furniture or drywall. Concealment is readily available, however, provides no protection other than being hidden from an attacker. 

  • Extra security measures you could be taking

Additional insight on security measures:

It is highly suggested to take additional security measures to ensure safety in your environment by the following: safe rooms, pathways of escape, hiding spaces, improvised weapons or tinted windows.

  • The Houston Model: Run, Hide and Fight

Additional insight on The Houston Model:

Run: Get out if you can and run away from the sound of shots.

Hide: Cover and/or conceal, lock the door, turn off the lights, silence your cell phone, get away from the door and ambush the threat, if needed.

Fight: The last place an attacker normally looks is low left. Kneel down close to the door and prepare for an attack. Potentially improvised weapons may include fire extinguishers, coffee pot, knives or pepper spray.

  • How the attacker will respond to any disruptions you cause
  • Having a plan when the attack starts, while it is happening and after it has happened

Additional insight on having a plan:

We recommend calling 911 and telling the dispatcher your name, location, the situation, number and description of assailants, weapons used and the number of casualties known. 

After the presentation, our instructor will go through your building and discuss any concerns you may have about the space and how best to proceed during an attack. 




Education. Empowerment. Assurance. Our team of experts here at Active Threat Solutions believes in those three terms to provide quality teachings for you to maintain a safe working environment. 

Active Threat Solutions trainers know what to do and are hand-picked based on their skilled experiences. Our experts have backgrounds as current and former law enforcement officers, federal agents, military and Department of Defense instructors.

Our hearts go out to anyone who has been involved in a shooting. We wish to teach you how to defend yourself and protect the people you care about. 

This training can be utilized at work, home or out in public. From situational awareness and personal training to self-defense, Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth offers classes to better identify a dangerous situation and tactics for reacting appropriately. 

We will answer your questions and ensure the provision of awareness for when an active threat situation occurs, this is why we train. We train because we want you and your team to be prepared today to make it home tomorrow.


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