At Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth (ATS), we are firm believers that companies and organizations have an obligation to prepare for a threat before it happens. Most likely, you and your employees don’t think that this type of thing could happen at your workplace or within your community.

Preparing for an active threat can:

  • Educate and empower your employees
  • Educate you on best practice post-incident communication with police, medics and the media
  • Protect you, legally, in the event that there is an active threat event


“I have 20 years of experience in education. The team at ATS has far more than that in law enforcement and security. I could send a teacher or administrator, who is qualified to teach, for security training. But they aren't going to be as qualified to communicate it to our staff or answer the questions as well as Active Threat Solutions was able to do. Truly we are dealing with experts in the field of security and safety,"
- Arthur Moore, Principal at Saint Francis Central Catholic School

Some organizations settle on sending a few employees to a weekend seminar in the hopes of having a designated “security trainer” on staff. Should the well-being of your organization be placed in the hands of a weekend seminar or a team of highly-credentialed security experts with years of real-world experience?

active 2
Nick DeMedici speaking during ATS training.

If your company or organization doesn’t have an effective plan in place, our expert team, comprised of former law enforcement members, federal agents, military and Department of Defense instructors, can help. We specialize in:

  • Risk Management
  • Threat Analysis
  • Emergency Response
  • Active Threat Survival Training

ATS Training11
Nick DeMedici speaking to a congregation at a house of worship.


Our team of instructors comes from a variety of professional and military backgrounds. They can offer several perspectives relevant to the security of your organization’s environment.

N. DeMedici 1 sq

Nick DeMedici

Executive Director, former active shooter instructor, West Virginia State Police

jared 2_sq

Jared Edgreen

Assistant Director, former trainer, United States Secret Service


Kimberly Ridenour, MBA, CPSM

Business Development Executive

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

United States Army Bronze Star recipient and Audie Murphy Award Winner

Nathan Emeigh

Nathan Emeigh

Former security specialist for the Department of Defense

Kelly Rigsby

Kelly Rigsby

Former Special Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Frederick Tessari

Frederick Tessari

Former Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal

Dennis Dougherty

Dennis Dougherty

Former Tac Team leader and police trainer, Upper Darby Police Department

DIDATS_Robert Marsili_sq

Robert Marsili

Special Agent, Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General

Mike Sedam Sq

Mike Sedam

Law Enforcement Commander

DIDATS_Gary Smith

Gary W. Smith

Former Sergeant Miramar Police (Fla), Lieutenant Florida Attorney General’s Office

Having a professional consultant provide an outside opinion regarding your facility’s internal and external security (risk management), as well as the identification process (threat analysis) your security personnel and staff utilize, can benefit you in the long-term.

For example, your security professionals and staff walk the building thousands of times a day; they’re used to the building they see. It’s only natural to overlook areas. Doing a walkthrough with a third-party point of view will give you a bird’s eye view of your security features and their effectiveness. Not only will our team offer verbal recommendations, but we can also provide a written report documenting your building’s weak spots and possible options for improvement.

Talking through your physical security and can also provide you with great insight, such as:

  • Can a stranger access the building from the street?
  • How far could this stranger get into the building before being noticed?
  • What does your physical security look like such as door locks, keywords, guards, etc?

Not only will a risk management assessment and threat analysis help you outline security updates, but it could help prepare your employees for what they should do in the event of an active threat situation.

“Due to some changes in the climate here, we knew that we needed to take some action to at least have an assessment done, and have something in place for our employees to know what to do in the case of an emergency.

I’m well aware that workplace violence has increased dramatically in the last decade. It is just a sound business practice that all of your employees be trained on what to do should a threatening situation arise. I think it boosts morale and it provides a more calm, secure and confident working environment.

I wanted to make sure that the training was provided by someone that’s credible. I would not want to do this training with somebody that was not credentialed and an expert in their field. I felt like Active Threat Solutions by Defense in Depth was just the “no brainer” when it came to whom we would choose to help us with something like this.”
- C’Anna Brown, Business Manager at West Virginia Radio Corporation

If you are ready to do more than just “check the box” for your company/organization and your people, contact us.

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NickDeMedici, right, and Jared Edgreen, left, speak during ATS corporate training.

Does your business or organization know what to do in an active threat situation?

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